Coffee Review: Chit’s Blend Coffee at Echostore

Just look at that table beside the window – it’s a writer’s dream nook where he or she can get inspired by the soft light filtering through the curtain and write to his or her heart’s content. Moreover, the coffee, food and other products in the store have been sourced through sustainable means. They have been given a lot of heart and soul. And I love the wall design, very pretty and creative. You can really feel the love emanating through the walls of this shop. 

So I bought a cup of Americano. I asked what coffee they used and they said it’s Chit’s Blend Coffee. The people from the Coffee Summit said that you should try coffee first without cream or sugar. So after cooling the Americano down, I took a sip and tried to decipher its taste. It was more pungent compared to the coffee I have tasted before. Its sharp and strong taste lingers on the tongue for quite some time. It really did perk me up and help my mind find its focus as I was hanging out at Echostore to finish my work backlogs. I also tried the coffee with cream and sugar (they use coco sugar at the store). I usually add cream and sugar to my coffee when I need to have some kind of rush so that I could work non-stop. With cream and sugar, it’s absolutely warming. Its warmth reaches deep within you. According to Ma’am Chit during the cupping session, good coffee reaches deep inside of you.

Chit’s Blend is a combination of Arabica and Robusta, so I think it really does get the best of both worlds (as the song goes). The taste of it was something new, and definitely refreshing to me since my taste buds are used to the 3-in-1 coffee variety.

Yes, I did enjoy drinking my coffee. With the familiar tunes that they were playing at the store and the inspiring nook where I sat down, my life was complete at that moment.

You can buy packs of Chit’s Blend Coffee Beans at Echostore. According to the manager of the shop, their packs of Chit’s Blend sold out after the cupping session. But I think they have already restocked their shelves of it by now.



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Davao City, Philippines 8000

Contact Number: (+63 82) 302-1656

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00AM – 9:00PM


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