How To Make a Coffee Painting in Four Easy Steps

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How to Make a Coffee Painting

Coffee painting is an extremely easy and enjoyable process of expressing your creativity on paper. This type of art may be monochromatic, which involves working with only one color, but its potential for art is limitless.

To do coffee painting, you only need five materials:

  1. First is pure black instant coffee.
  2. Next is water in plastic cups.
  3. Third is watercolor paper. You can find these in most school supplies stores. If you can’t find any, oslo paper or sketch pad paper will do.
  4. You will also need paintbrushes. As a start, use a flat brush and round tip brush.
  5. And lastly, you’ll need a pencil to make a sketch of your painting. If you want to add more details to your artwork, you can also use black pens or markers.

So let’s get started shall we?

STEP ONE:Preparing Your Coffee Solutions

Step 1 is to prepare your coffee solutions.

You will only need to prepare two shades of coffee.

To make a light shade, mix one part coffee to two parts water.

To make a dark shade, mix two parts coffee to one part water.

STEP TWO: Sketch the subject of your artwork on paper

Step 2 is to sketch the subject of your artwork.

At this point, you can draw whatever you want on paper. Give free reign to your creativity. You have your own artistic license.

STEP THREE: Paint your sketch with a light coffee solution

Step 3 is to start painting your sketch with a light shade of coffee. Make sure that you spread the coffee solution evenly so that your paper won’t get too soggy. You can actually avoid this problem by using watercolor paper, which is a type of paper that won’t easily warp after applying lots of water over it.

After which, let your painting dry for several minutes before applying a dark shade of coffee.

STEP FOUR: Apply the dark shade of coffee

After drying your painting, you can now start applying a dark shade of coffee over it. You can use the dark shade of coffee to outline your painting, emphasize details, or to create some shades and shadows.

You can even mix the dark shade of coffee with the light shade in order to create some blending.

And there you go – a painting that creatively uses the different shades of coffee.


You might only be working with two shades of coffee, but this gives you endless possibilities for creating artworks.

You can use black pens or markers to create coffee and ink artworks. You can also use any style of art that you prefer. To preserve the painting, simply put it in a glass frame to protect it from the elements.

To know more about coffee painting, visit for some caffeinated adventures.



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    snehal (Wednesday, 13 April 2016 01:04)

    Supper easy for painting members i think that yoj may show show us the painting

  • #2

    Carrie (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 12:26)

    I love painting with coffee - I found this kit that has a processed 'coffee paint' to make it easier. Thanks for the tips!

  • #3

    banu (Tuesday, 25 October 2016)

    thhank u for the tutorial.. will try it soon.. How to frame it and how to protect it frm bugs ?

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    LUA lua daulah vk (Monday, 07 November 2016 06:02)

    It was supper
    It is very easy to do
    I like it's toòoooooooooo

  • #5

    Abigail Albino (Tuesday, 07 November 2017 19:52)

    Hello Banu! There shouldn't be any problems if you use black coffee instead of 3-in-1 mixes. You can protect the painting with a glass or plexiglass frame.