How To Capture the Spirit of Nature With Coffee

On the spot coffee painting video...

This is a step-by-step demo video on how to find a piece of nature and painting your interpretation of it. Coffee can be a good start on spontaneous or on-the-spot painting since you don't have to decide which color to use (yeah). Coffee also has this organic quality to it that fits perfectly with nature or earth painting. 

The painting here is quite messy, but it's a true depiction of my struggles with ants crawling on my feet and bothersome flies trying to check out what I'm doing.

I believe anyone out there can make a better on-the-spot painting than this. Just make sure there are no snakes or other poisonous/dangerous animals around the area.

I'm fascinated with the idea of molding human nature with that of organisms we find in nature, or vice versa. That has been the focus of my line up of paintings for an upcoming exhibit. I believe plants and animals are just like us. I believe they have another world where they think, feel, dream and expand. Wouldn't it be nice to discover how their world actually works? I try to capture it by painting about them.

This is actually an assignment for our Mobile Videography class in the University of the Philippines - Open University. I am also going to use this video for my thesis about Coffee Art in Communities, Social Media and the Art Market.

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