Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Art of Giving

It’s really inspiring and heartwarming when you see companies doing whatever they can to give back to society, or contributing to worthy advocacies. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is not just your average coffee shop, but behind the scenes it has been actively participating in causes for social good.

CBTL has partnered with Real LIFE Foundation over the past few years in sponsoring the education of 38 university scholars. Every step of the scholars’ education and career development was supported by the partnership. It’s not just about giving money away to charity, but the accountability and hands-on approach of the program were crucial in transforming lives for the better.

CBTL also has a long-term partnership with Habitat for Humanity. The company is raising PHP 5 million to build better homes for those in need. The coffee shop chain also has monthly outreach programs to involve its community in various environmental and social advocacies.

And CBTL’s advocacies do not end there, because they aim to help each customer become the best that they can be through the Brew Your Best Year Community. Do check out their community site and see how you can learn from the inspiring stories of others and share your own as well. They have freebies and community workshops posted regularly.

And now that the year is about to end, it’s time to bring some closure to this year’s chapter and hustle up for a new beginning. I’m starting that change myself by having CBTL’s Giving Journal for 2016. The year 2015 hasn’t ended yet, but I already started filling its pages with musings and goals for the upcoming year. It gives me that needed boost to prepare and start 2016 on a good note. With every Giving Journal sold, a scholar’s life from the Real LIFE Foundation is changed. That’s an enriching and fulfilling cycle to pursue. 

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Giving Journals

Filling up the Vision Page in my Giving Journal

Looking forward to using these coupons in the journal for sumptuous eats at CBTL


I am basically thrilled to see the impact of CBTL’s advocacies in various levels of the society. People, this is how every company or corporation should move towards the betterment of the society. I am deeply grateful for the relentless efforts of CBTL in changing lives one cup at a time.



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