Brewing Something New: The Adventures of Holly the Water Molecule

          About Holly the Water Molecule

Holly is drawn with the usual symbol of a water droplet, but to complete her look I drew a hydrogen atom as her hair and two oxygen atoms as her arms and hands. Her story starts with her falling from the clouds to get to her first day on the job as a water molecule being used in the process of photosynthesis.

This passion project started as imagined stories from reading Biology textbooks in high school. I’ve always wanted to make a story out of the facts I read in those science books. I could make a lot of analogies in the lives of humans with what is going on inside plants. I am “humanizing” the character of a water molecule named Holly as she goes through the intricacies inside a plant, which is as complex as that of the lives of humans.

I started Holly the Water Molecule to express these brewing stories in my mind. I also want this project to help children or young students understand science concepts in a fun way.

Excerpt from the first issue of Holly the Water Molecule: 

Once upon a time, Mother Cloud gathered her children around before the big event that would bring about their destinies.

“My beloved children,” she said to her water molecule children, “I called you because the time is near for me to say goodbye. Yet we shall meet again here in the sky. All of you will be embarking on different adventures which will change the world.”

“Some of you will become part of bigger waters, and some of you will become one with the earth. Some of you will nourish animals and humans, and some of you will nourish plants. All of you will become part of the wonderful Creation.”

All of the water molecules giggled excitedly for the adventures that await them.

And in just a few hours, Mother Cloud became heavier as more of her children gathered around her. With a last goodbye, she sends her children off to the earth in a heavy downpour. The water molecules gracefully fell to different parts of the earth to start their new journey.

One of the too-many-to-count water molecules named Holly happily flew down to the earth. She wondered what her destination would be. Would it be a forest? A river? The ocean?

Holly touched down to a field of flowers. She was eventually absorbed by the roots of a chrysanthemum plant.

Holly and the other molecules were greeted by the Root Manager. They were briefed as to the do’s and don’ts inside the Plant Complex. Then they were assigned to their different departments. Holly was assigned to Leaf Office 137.

Holly traveled through the Xylem Rail Express of the plant. She saw the wonderful intricacies of different plant parts during her commute to her new office. She met other water molecules she’s never seen before, and some of them came from different clouds. She also saw other molecules she never knew existed– the minerals that are also coming for job interviews in different plant departments.

She finally arrived at Leaf Office 137. The Leaf Manager interviewed her and asked about her qualifications. She was quickly assigned to Cell Room 1001 after the Leaf Manager knew that she had no memories of her previous lifespans. She hopped away from the manager’s office and started her first day on the job – but she would have never imagined what could happen to her as the office newbie.


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  • #1

    Maree Clarkson (Saturday, 28 November 2015 23:36)

    Great sketches and what a beautiful story Coffee Muse!

  • #2

    Abigail Doromal Albino (Sunday, 29 November 2015 00:36)

    Thank you Maree! All the best...