How to Stay Creative All the Time

My work usually revolves around art, literature and multimedia so I know how important it is to stay on top of the creativity game. Creative people have made a great difference in our world and history. At the moment, creative professionals are in the frontlines of innovation.

So I came up with a list of ways to stay creative based on my experiences. And yet again, this list is not exhaustive since every artist or creative may have different preferences. I hope any of the below tips can help you when you need a good dose of creativity.


(1)   Watch the Sunrise


There’s something enriching and fulfilling as you watch the changing colors of the sky at the start of the day. It helps you see how everything is temporal – the darkness may be evident in one moment and then the light comes to bring life to all. I also see the changing colors of the sky during sunrise as God’s ever-changing painting. It may be perhaps the largest painting in the world wherein the media is composed of atmospheric elements. There is no painting grander than this.



(2)    Take Leisurely Walks


It’s time to get yourself out of the house and have some fresh air. If you are in a slump, taking short or long walks outside will give you the needed push to think of something new. Walk your dog or start an exercise routine. Listen to a shuffled playlist or an audiobook while taking a leisurely stroll. Don’t forget to bring your camera or phone when going out for a walk so that you can take pictures of inspiring pieces of nature.



(3) Buy Yourself Flowers


I always notice that when I have flowers on my desk, it gives me a boost of motivation and creativity. Having fresh flowers on hand is like having a piece of nature inside your workspace. It is a refreshing and lovely addition to a place where things could get drab or mundane after long hours of work. If you opt for something more sustainable, try incorporating indoor plants to your space. 



(4)    Feed Your Mind

You will inevitably get ideas when you read books, magazines, newspapers or any publication. Start with things that interest you. Take notes or web clips of the things that inspire you. Jot down those spontaneous ideas or thoughts from your readings.


Reading definitely widens your life perspective. If you are not fond of reading, audiobooks are a really good alternative. Listen to your audiobooks while driving to and from work, while exercising, or taking a leisurely walk.



(5)    Go to Local Events


Keep tabs on local Facebook pages or groups which are in line with your interests. Some pages may post upcoming events in your locality. Events help you get in touch with local causes and expand your network. It will also update you with local trends and issues which will definitely be a good start for mining ideas.


(6)    Window Shopping


Have no cash but still want to go out and have fun? Go to your local specialty shops or malls and just look at anything that interests you. You will definitely get ideas from the design, packaging and content of products. As you go through product shelves, can you think of anything which might actually improve the items? You might be a step away from coming up with a winning product idea.


(7)    Learn a New Craft Every Month


Have you always wanted to learn the guitar or piano? Or perhaps try your hands into polymer clay making? Expand your list of skills by enrolling to your local school for short courses or compile a list of online resources where you can learn a new craft step-by-step.



(8)    Go on a Food Trip!


If food makes you happy (who doesn’t?) then set a budget to try three or more food stalls on the street or at the mall. Delicious food gives you a boost to come up with something interesting or exciting – since you’ve rewarded your taste buds already.


(9)    Position Your Desk Near the Window


This is more of my personal preference than a solid fact that improves creativity. I position my desk in front of the window so that I could get natural light while painting or writing. Seeing the sky through my window also boosts my mood and creativity.


(10)     Be Mindful


Being more present in the moment helps me keep things in perspective. When I’m being more mindful of the things I do, it makes all the work meaningful and fulfilling. And when I address this concept of purpose in my work, it gives me the right creative direction towards the accomplishment of my goals.


(11)     Take Regular Breaks


I make it a point to work for 45 – 50 minutes straight and take a break for 10 – 15 minutes. Regular breaks help me refuel my creative juice. I also noticed that if I work for longer hours without any break, the quality of work dwindles. I also come up with the best ideas after a good solid break.


(12)     Indulge Yourself


How do you plan to enjoy your break after a long day or gruesome week of work? Give yourself a chance to truly replenish your creative juices through what I call “happiness immersion.” That immersion might be in the form of going to a spa, watching a movie or TV series, or simply doing what you’ve always wanted to do for a long time.



(13)     Travel!


Travel can really do wonders to your personal development. Going somewhere you’ve never been to before, meeting new people, experiencing a different culture, and trying new things can definitely improve your sense of creativity.




It’s all about immersing yourself to enriching knowledge and experiences that will give you a great boost in creativity. Being creative increases the value of your work, and ultimately gives value to you as a person and professional.


Do you have other ideas on how to stay creative? Comment your ideas, suggestions or experiences below so that others can learn from you as well!

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