Moving Forward With My CBTL 2017 Giving Journal

This year was dotted with wonderfully awesome things together with somewhat painful experiences. I was blessed with a job that has a cool boss and awesome co-workers. My sister passed the medical board exams and is now the first doctor of our entire clan. I finally finished a crucial phase in my life, but then something backfired and I was back in a slump. With the support of my family, friends, and co-workers, I was able to rise up again and do baby steps towards getting better.


2016 was indeed a year of growth, and I accept all the good and the bad situations. They made my life colorful, and I thank God for everything.


The day of the Giving Journal event was also the day that I closed a particular chapter of my life. I was so late, but some of the Davao Digital Influencers members helped me find a seat amidst the cramped Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch in SM Lanang. There were so many people. There were also performances by talented musicians from Davao which made the arts and crafts workshop more enjoyable. We painted CBTL coffee cups and sugar cookies. There were two winners from DDI and we were all proud of our creations.


I choose the rose Giving Journal because it is an unusual choice for me. I don’t usually choose a pink color, but I was drawn to it. It is a lighter and softer color compared to the other journals. It has a feminine touch to it that lessens my somewhat ‘haggard’ aura most of the time. The pink journal features a ‘Radiating Heart’ which has the following description:


Radiating Heart: The power to spread goodwill lies within us. This image signifies how we can live up to the essence of giving by performing little acts of kindness towards others.

The description moved me in so many levels. There are times that I happily and generously give to others, and there are also times that I can’t help but become mean. Wise people always remind us to be kind no matter what, but difficult situations can sometimes bring out the monster within us. But as of experience, I have confirmed that it is always best that we choose kindness. If a situation calls to become strong and assertive, it should always be done with goodness in mind. Radiate positivity and good vibes. Turn negativity into mindful positivity.


I started writing my goals for 2017 in my Giving Journal. I also cut out the discount coupons that came with it. There’s a promo for each month next year, and I can’t wait to avail of these. I love the paper that they used for the pages of the journal. It seems like recycled paper, which you usually find in Papemelroti products. The Giving Journals were crafted with so much love that it actually radiates positive vibes in itself.

You can get a Giving Journal in four different colors (rose, purple, gray and turquoise). Each of them has a different meaning and spiritual purpose, so choose one which resounds to your heart. Here are the descriptions to each journal:

Image courtesy of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines


Caring Cup Global (gray): To give back to the farmers and the community who work hard to supply The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with Simply The Best products, the Caring Cup initiatives all over the world aim to provide them with their needs – whether it be a sustainable source of livelihood, or education for their children.


Coffee Tree Cup (turquoise): This signifies The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s hopeful mission – that through our efforts and those of our partner organizations, we help nurture growth and provide a better life for others, once cup at a time.


Overflows (purple): Rather than viewing life as a glass half-full or half-empty, acknowledge it as a life that is ready to overflow. Brew your best year by developing one’s self, striving to reach your full potential, and sharing your unique gifts and blessings with others.


Radiating Heart (rose): The power to spread goodwill lies within us. This image signifies how we can live up to the essence of giving by performing little acts of kindness towards others.


If you want to get your own Giving Journal, just accumulate 12 stamps on your stamp card. You can get stamps by purchasing drinks. Buying a box of CBTL capsules earns you two stamps. If you buy a CBTL Single Serve Beverage System, you can automatically claim the 2017 Giving Journal


Let’s start 2017 on a positive note with a Giving Journal. Give out your best intentions to the universe and #brewyourbestyear ever.


Find more about CBTL and the Giving Journal on these links!


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