Aeropress Review: Why I'm Crazy About It

*I made a similar review at Coffeerama for this coffee maker. This article is mostly about my personal take on the product.


I bought myself an Aeropress from an online sale last year, and I never looked back ever since. This coffee maker is a keeper, and my day won’t be complete without brewing some love using it.




The aeropress came in a nice hexagonal box which contained it perfectly. It also has an easy-to-read manual, and the entire process of brewing is so easy as well. The aeropress set also came with 350 sheets of round paper filters, so that gives you a lot to use for the next several months. I also bought a reusable mesh filter just in case all of my paper filters run out.


All of the parts and accessories of the aeropress are lightweight and portable, so it’s convenient to bring it anywhere with you. The brewing method is like a hybrid between a French press and a coffee dripper, since you’ll be using a plunger and a filter to brew and extract coffee.




I followed the step-by-step instructions written on the manual – pre-wet the filter, add scoops of drip coffee grounds, fill in the chamber with hot water, stir for 10 seconds, and slowly push down the plunger for 20 seconds. The mug wouldn’t be entirely filled with coffee, but the resulting brew is quite strong, so you have to add in a little bit of water according to taste. I find that adding a little bit of hot water and just a little bit more of lukewarm water to be enough for my morning coffee. I like my coffee to warm my insides without being too hot that it’s difficult to drink on the first sip.


The brewing instructions on the package manual is good enough for me, which makes the entire brewing process less than a minute (excluding boiling hot water and grinding coffee beans). While trying to learn more about the wonders of this “best invention I’ve come across so far” I also found the following informative Vimeo videos which discuss different ways of brewing with an aeropress.


Here’s one from Origin Coffee Roasters which closely follows the aeropress manual instructions, but the brewing time would now take 90 seconds instead of 20 seconds.


Here’s one from Origin Coffee Roasters which closely follows the aeropress manual instructions, but the brewing time would now take 90 seconds instead of 20 seconds.


And here’s another fun video from Verve Coffee Roasters which tackles how to brew with an aeropress using the inverted method.



On my very first sip of aeropress-brewed coffee, I thought to myself that I’ll never settle for those 3-in-1 coffee mixes ever again. Nope, no more of those. I don’t care if I have to grind my coffee beans for 3 – 4 minutes and go through the entire 1 – 2-minute brewing process early in the morning. The little extra effort to get coffee is all worth it because I get the perfect brew to start my day just right.


At the moment I’m using Monk’s Blend Coffee beans (I can consume 500 grams within 2 weeks). I grind the coffee beans using a regular burr grinder. I would never have thought that I would go through such complication in brewing coffee, but day by day, I come to love the entire brewing process. It actually becomes easier the more you do it. The exercise wakes me up in the morning and the first sip of brewed coffee is like your soul being brought back to life.



I tried Kapo Coffee (from Kapatagan, Davao) using an Aeropress. So good...



I really do think that an aeropress is perfect for me so that I could have an excellent cup of coffee wherever I go. I also tend to be lazy, and an Aeropress is one of the easiest coffee brewing devices on the planet as of this moment. It’s not as expensive as other coffee makers and it’s easy to use! The resulting coffee is, of course, sublime.


Good coffee should not only be up to your throat. It should go straight down, warm your belly, and make you feel that there is indeed heaven on earth. Brewing coffee with an aeropress does just that.



So what do you think about brewing coffee with an aeropress? Do you have suggestions on which is the holy grail of all coffee makers? Share your thoughts on what you think is the best coffee maker down below!

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