Heaven is Here: Sunday Thoughts and Musings

I see God as energy - the One that moves through everyone and everything. When there is a dysfunction, I see it as us moving far away from God (our life source and energy) like low frequencies moving far away from the source and each other.


When Eckhart Tolle talked about the "ego," it reminded me of how Adam and Eve were tempted to disobey God because of the thought that they can "become like God." It's like the start of the conscious move towards the ego. It's like the first ever sin is wanting to become perfect - that certain kind of pride to be the "best" in the universe.


Then all sorts of tremendous shit happened after that - when ego separated humanity from God. The paradise that was the Garden of Eden disappeared from our midst because of our ego.


Jesus said that "heaven is in our midst." Perhaps heaven is already here, and we can commune back to God through the dissolution of our ego - our original sin.


I really do believe in Tolle's writings about how we should distance ourselves from our ego because the past doesn't define us anymore, and we shouldn't keep on living for the future. True living is in the now, and heaven is in our midst right now.


I will be documenting my conscious journey towards living in the now and seeing heaven in our midst. How could we bring heaven on earth and bring ourselves back to His loving arms? Your thoughts will be appreciated as you comment them below.


I do recommend that you read Eckhart Tolle's books The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life's Purpose. These books changed my life, and they continue to transform me every single day.

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