Sweet Advocate: Kadayawan Treats and Custom Cakes


It’s Kadayawan season in Davao right now, and there are a lot of promos around town that are offered for the entire month. One thing to look out for are the Kadayawan treats of Sweet Advocate, a custom cakes and pastries shop located at the back of Central Bank in Davao City.


They specialize in customized cakes and pastry stations for special occasions, but for the Kadayawan festival this year, they offer a special promo on their Durian and Yema cakes. One bite (and more!) of these delicious treats will give you a taste of the spirit of the season – the abundance of our local harvest and the celebration through thanksgiving. The Durian and Yema cakes are indeed happy vibes in a jar.



The Yema Cake is a little fluffy when I first tasted it, and of course, it has an ample amount of yema on its layers. It’s not too sweet, which makes you enjoy that signature yema flavor.


The Durian Cake is also not too sweet, so you can savor the taste of durian as a dessert. The cake is delectably moist and it blends perfectly with the layers of durian cream.


And these cakes are super fun to eat in a jar.



You can buy the 100ml and 200ml cakes in a jar individually, but you can only avail of the promo when you buy the jars in six pieces. Six 100ml jars is at a promo price of PHP 488 and six 200ml jars are at PHP 888. If you want to give yourself and your loved ones a treat that is perfect for this festive season, why not buy a set of these cakes in a jar to celebrate?





Sweet Advocate is mostly known for as a go-to shop to get beautiful custom cakes for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, debuts and other important events you could think of. If you want to go the extra mile in making your event more special, they can customize cakes and pastries for you to make it memorable. They help you come up with dessert stations, party favors, and cocktail offerings for your guests. Custom cake shops are rare in Davao, so head on to Sweet Advocate if you’re looking for a reliable provider of customized pastries.





Address: Door 1, YPSM Bld., Arellano Street., corner Tionko Avenue., Davao City (at the back of Central Bank)
Davao City 8000


Contact Number: +63933 940 9102


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sweetadvocate/


Instagram: @sweetadvocate_davao



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