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One of the things I bought from Echostore Davao is Altura Coffee. A pack of 250 grams ground coffee costs PHP 425.00. What caught my interest is that it’s dubbed as “The President’s Coffee.” Hmmm, maybe President Duterte prefers this coffee over anything else, and I soon got an idea why.




Altura Coffee is one of the products made by Mount Apo Civet Coffee Inc. It states in the packaging that: “it is produced from naturally grown, chemical-free Arabica beans grown in an altitude of 1300 meters (or more) above sea level. The rich volcanic soil of Mt. Apo and high elevation, together with the strict selection and medium dark roasting process, makes this coffee taste heavenly.”






The brewing guide stated in the packaging also says that I should grind the coffee beans before brewing, but the pack I bought is coffee in its ground form already. Whether it should be coffee beans or ground coffee, it still tastes good though. It also suggests that we should never use distilled water or soft water.


I did use filtered/distilled water from our water dispenser at first, and it still tastes good. I experimented on using tap water next, and the coffee tasted stronger in a way.


I used our Kyowa drip coffee maker at home in brewing this coffee, and at times I would use my aeropress if I’m just brewing for myself.


I use one tablespoon per one cup of water. It might taste too strong for some people, but I’m the type of person who needs an extra strong cup of coffee.









Using 1 tablespoon of coffee per 2 cups of water









Using 1 tablespoon of coffee per 1 cup of water




At first sip, it does give that kind of happy vibes that comes with its sweetness and warmth.


Without cream and sugar, it has this subtle bitter taste that actually doesn’t taste bad. It slowly wakes you up and gives you a certain kind of clarity. It also has that refreshing aftertaste that spreads out to your tongue.


With cream and sugar, it gives that kind of happiness that I could only describe as "a warm embrace that tickles my shoulders and brings out those happy hormones." It has a sweet initial taste and aftertaste. I could also taste something cool or minty on the first sip.


Maybe it comes from being “honey-processed.” I’m not familiar with this kind of method in processing coffee beans, so I might ask around soon. But whatever they are doing, it definitely works and the resulting coffee is sublime.


So will I buy Altura Coffee again? You bet I will. I’ll also want to review the other coffee options from Mt. Apo Coffee, and their civet coffee is high on my list.




You can buy packs of these at Echostore Davao. For more information, check out the Mt. Apo Coffee Facebook Page

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