On Why I Paint With Coffee


I got my first blue shield eyeglasses last 2017. I work 8 - 10 hours everyday in front of the computer, and these blue shield lenses help protect my eyes from the blue light of devices. I also noticed that, upon closer look, my vision using this type of lenses have a more yellowish tint compared to normal vision. Maybe because it blocks blue light rays?


I then realized that I really am comfortable with that kind of vision provided by these lenses. It's just like the shades of sepia that I come up with in coffee painting.


For this matter, the color of coffee relaxes my eyes. The smell of coffee also invigorates me. The taste of coffee brings me to life. The art that I create using coffee fulfills my being.


Even though I haven't painted as often as I want for the past few months, I still find myself going back to this medium. There's always this urge in me to create with coffee, and I can't fully explain it in words. 


I paint with coffee because I simply love it. I want to use it in everything - fuel while I work, a reason to have deep conversations with people in cafes, and a medium for me to express creativity.


Upon checking my tweets since the beginning of time from All My Tweets, I found this gold from four years ago:



Hit me up if you want to have coffee with me some time...

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