Abigail Doromal Albino is a 28-year-old artist living in the town where life is here - Davao City, Philippines. She discovered the wonders of using coffee as a medium for painting during a Humanities class in college last 2007. She continued exploring the art of coffee painting over the years and created her first major coffee painting entitled ‘Cuna del Cristianismo’ on March 2010. This painting was submitted to the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Painting Competition of 2010.


One of her outbursts of creativity happened last 2011 when she created two to three small-sized coffee paintings almost every night during the summer period in the Philippines. Eventually, her coffee paintings were discovered by her high school teacher and invited her to conduct a coffee painting workshop in her alma mater. She also conducted a workshop and auction-exhibit at Via Cafe afterwards. Her latest coffee painting workshop was at Pundokan Dabaw 2014 during the citywide Araw ng Dabaw festival.


Her first major exhibit happened last October 2015 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Gallery in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. 


Abby is open to accept any commissioned art projects, invitations to conduct coffee painting workshops, and other creative endeavors. 


To contact the artist, kindly see the information below:


Abigail D. Albino

Email: abigaildalbino(at)gmail(dot)com

Mobile: +639330547058