Anime Review: Aggretsuko

Photo source: Screenshot from Netflix's Aggretsuko Series


Aggretsuko is perhaps one of the best anime series this year.


This Sanrio animated series is not your typical “cutesy” animation. It’s filled with sarcastic humor and heart-wrenching life lessons. The entire series spans around 2 ½ hours, and I still want more. I hope they extend the series, or make more just like this.


To all you working girls out there, you’ll find this anime very relatable in terms of common work life scenarios, finding love, and pursuing happiness.


Aggretsuko tells the story of a twenty-something employee named Retsuko. She does her best in everything by being a model employee and citizen. Unknown to many, she has a secret that she tries hard to keep hidden from everyone – singing death metal karaoke.


It can be extremely difficult to try being so kind all the time, and Retsuko’s outlet is to go all out beast mode and express her feelings while singing death metal songs. I don’t know about you, but this is so laugh out loud relatable, and my heart melts as to how Retsuko tries to to cope with the difficulties of life. You’ll be surprised as to how Retsuko evolves from an ever obedient employee to a hardcore death metal singer as she tries to get by in life.


Photo source: Screenshot from Netflix's Aggretsuko Series


You’ll find this anime a binge-worthy series if you can relate to:


  • When you live paycheck to paycheck and dream about having a business of your own. But soon you realize that it’s difficult to jumpstart a business because of the risks. So you settle for your current job.
  • When the office busybody will be the death of you, so you try to feed her false information in order to cover up your true secret.
  • When you become yoga buddies with the power women in your company. They become your inspiration and #lifegoals. They also help you out in many ways through their knowledge and influence.
  • When you just want to look at nice stuff around a shop, but you’re too embarrassed not to buy anything. So you buy three pairs of socks to feel less guilty.


One of the scenes that left me with a teary eye is when Retsuko’s “shitty” boss stopped asking her to make him tea. He went ahead to make coffee on his own. No matter how he seems to abuse her at work, and how much she hated him, he gave her the best advice in her love life.


Director Ton: If you keep giving out more than you get back in return, there won’t be anything left in the end. Do you understand?


Retsuko: I think so…He’s not a bad person (referring to her boyfriend).


God, that hits the spot.


Watch Retsuko on Netflix now to give yourself some good vibes, powerful insights, and laugh out loud moments.

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