New Coffee Painting Demos on Youtube!

I have a goal that I'll document the creative process of every artwork that I make. Well maybe not all, but I'll try to share with everyone how I come up with something creative and inspiring every week. 


So here are three coffee painting demos I've published on Youtube. I still have a pending list of artworks to create, so more creative process/painting demo videos to be published soon.

Coffee Painting Demo: Tribal Theme


I made three coffee paintings along this theme. The purpose was for me to focus my prayers and intentions into painting. I made these paintings as prayers for us to be protected from calamities. The one above shows my painting process/mindful prayer for protection against fire-related accidents. This came from our experience here in my hometown where there were tragic fire accidents during the holidays.

Coffee Painting Demo: How To Make Autumn Leaves


This is just a simple coffee painting exercise on leave patterns. Don't you think that the brown/sepia tone of coffee goes along with an autumn theme?

Coffee Painting Demo: Making a Forest Spirit


There was a lot going on within me which propelled me to create this. The resulting artwork is like a forest spirit - perhaps a human tree. 

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